Family owned since 1963, we manufacture the highest quality furniture parts using the latest technology in our facilities, ensuring lasting, durable, and beautifully crafted parts. After two generations and 40 years in the furniture parts business, Newport Furniture Parts has established itself as a leader in the wood component industry and as one of Vermont's finest wood furniture manufacturers. The people behind the technology and production speak volumes about our company. From CAD designers to wood craftsman, our people bring professionalism and vested interest into our quality components as one of the best wood furniture manufacturers.


September 18, 2014
Above and Beyond Quality—Manufacturing Complex Wood Furniture Parts
The market today is flooded with cheap knock-off furniture, mass-produced overseas from man-made materials. Not only are these furniture pieces cheap to purchase; the durability and quality can be equally cheap.

August 14, 2014
Hold On To Your Seats And Enjoy These Fun Chair Facts
Without them we’d be left standing on our feet all day. We owe the inventor of the chair a debt of gratitude.
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Our efficient production capabilities allow faster response times, the ability to fill small orders and the guarantee of consistent quality make us one of Vermont and the USA's best wood furniture part manufacturers. We also provide customized CAD furniture part design and manufacturing, allowing you to get exactly what you want in furniture design.

When you work with Newport, your time and resources can be spent elsewhere, knowing Newport Furniture Parts will fulfill any type of order you need. Contact us now for a quote.


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